Our Story

We are Sarah and Tom. Both born and raised in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. We love travelling, nature, and freedom. With Tom’s background as a Chef and Sarah’s French roots, good and pure food is a must in our lives. Our dream is to create a lifestyle in which pure, healthy and environmentally friendly nutrition is at the center. We aim to inspire you to live in this way as well.

The previous years we travelled around the world. After different trips to Asia, New Zealand, Australia and Europe we realized dat we could no longer stay in Rotterdam. The fast consuming lifestyle that a city brings could not satisfy us any longer. For years we have been having the idea of moving to France. Sarah’s parents already live here for a while and every time we visited them we didn’t want to leave. End of 2019 we decided that we could not wait any longer. We quit our jobs, got in the car and drove off to start our dream in the south of France.

The first few months passed by very quickly. We used our time to settle down and to enjoy nature and free time. Besides that we started experimenting with creating our own food and drinks. We started brewing our own beers, fermenting our own kombucha (fizzy drinks) and we created a recipe to bake the finest sourdough bread. The original plan was to travel around France in a converted van to get inspired by the different regions of France. We dreamed about using that inspiration to create recipes and share it with the people on local markets and start a catering business.

But then in March 2020 the Corona crisis hits us. The world was put on hold and France was in a lockdown. As positive and entrepreneurial people, we started some nice projects at home. We built our own smoker and wood fire pizzaoven, we experimented with new recipes and we thought about how to keep our dream alive and share the food and products with you.

Natural Giftbox is the result. Our webshop is the first step is achieving our dream. One day we would love to offer you nice accommodation at a beautiful spot in France where we can receive guests who want to have a taste of our lifestyle and of the culinary skills of Chef Tom.

Our Mission

We aim to live a more conscious and self-sufficient life and inspire you to do the same. With our ready to use gift-boxes you can follow our lead and create beautiful, delicious, and healthy products yourself.

Our Vision

We want to create a movement of conscious people that love high quality products which are better for the world and for themselves. Our vision is to make this easier by giving some solutions on how to live more consciously. We are starting with three gift-boxes and will be adding more soon.

Meet the team


Sarah van Baardewijk

Hello, I am Sarah and I live to travel and explore. The things I enjoy most in life are eating and drinking with good company, dancing at festivals, and taking long walks on the beach or in the forest. You would make me the happiest person if I could travel along all the beaches in the world living in a campervan.

After I finished my studies in Social and Organizational Psychology, I worked in an office for three years until I decided that this was not going to be my life. Luckily my life and business partner Tom had the exact same idea, so we were able to make this life changing decision. It is time for a new chapter and a new adventure. My dream is to live as much as possible independently and to create a little paradise on earth where we can receive guests and offer them an unforgettable culinary holiday. Making other people happy with real good food is one of the nicest things to do. I am really happy to deliver our beautiful products to your home.


Tom Houdijk

Hi there, I am Tom, 31 years young and cooking is my oxygen.
I have been working in the kitchen, from the age of 15. It is my passion and my life.

I have gained much experience throughout the years in which I have worked in Michelin restaurants, in one of the best restaurants of Australia (Vue de Monde), and in several fine dining restaurants. The last couple of years I worked as an executive chef at a creative culinary caterer. We cooked exclusive dinner parties up to 1.300 people and events up to 12.000 people. I am a go-getter and always give my maximum to achieve perfection. With my arms covered in burn marks and little cuts as a keepsake. Well, it is clear that I love to work hard, however, this always goes together with a laugh.

Besides cooking, I love traveling and nature and I am happy that Sarah and I have entered this adventure together! To offer beautiful and local products and inspire people to go back to the roots of the food-chain is the goal. You don’t have to be an excellent chef in order to create nice dishes, if you use tasteful and quality ingredients.

My goal is to avoid mass production, by working together with small local entrepreneurs, who as myself are passionate about their products and environment.


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