Make your own lip balm

Did you know that making your own lip balm is actually easy, fun, and the result is really nice. I never knew this before I tried. I used to have dry and cracked lips all the time, but using lip balm that I bought in the store did not help.

On the lip balms that you can buy in the stores, you will see more or less 5 ingredients on there that you’ve never even heard of. These ingredients are usually added to make the product look more attractive or because it is cheap. However, it actually is not beneficial for your lips or skin. For example: parafine, which is some kind of fat processed from petroleum. It is processed in a way that it can not be considered as a natural product anymore. It is cheap, has no smell and no color, which makes it an interesting product for the industry to add to cosmetica. Although it does make the skin soft and flexible, it also closes the skin off. This causes chemical reactions and irritation because your skin is not able to breath or transpire. Therefore, I prefer to use more natural products that enhances the nurturing of your skin and lips and at the same time lets it breath, like shea butter.

In order to make your own lip balm you need: vegetal oil, butter and some kind of product that does not melt under 65 degrees celsius, like beeswax. by melting all these products together you get a liquid substance which you can easily pour into a tube. When the substance cools it becomes a solid matter because of the beeswax. You can add a fragrance, like lavender essential oil, but any other essential oil will do.

In this video we show you how easy it is to make your own natural lip balm using only 4 ingredients: almond oil, shea butter, beeswax and lavender essential oil.

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